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 The Best Ideas from the Best Books on Business in 2-Minutes Flat

Over 11,000 new business books are published each year. Some simply rehash the same old outdated stuff. Others are fabulous; presenting cutting-edge ideas that could immediately impact your success.

Failure usually comes down to two simple things; laziness and not knowing what to do.

Laziness is up to you. Knowing what to do is available courtesy of Amazon, right there in books. The problem? Which books? Where do you find time to read what you should?

That’s where RapidFire comes in. We peruse the great business books to identify the new ideas that helped others succeed. Then, we condense them into fast moving 2-minute audios you can enjoy while driving to work.

With our 2-minute audios you learn the same good ideas you’d pick up if you’d spent hours reading the books.

An important distinction! We do not summarize books. We scrutinize books for the new ideas most likely to propel your success.

Delivered via text or email, our audios are like nothing you’ve heard before. You’ll impress friends and co-workers with what you know. You’ll likely make better decisions and fewer mistakes. You’ll be able to implement proven new strategies before your competitors.

The RapidFire Story – by Greg Hague

I had always dreamed of practicing law. So in 2009, at age 60, I decided to take the difficult Arizona bar exam.  I graduated law school in 1974 and hadn’t looked at a legal book in 35 years. The exam was just 4 1/2 months away.

Here I was, an “aged” guy competing against young, newly-minted law students fresh off three years of intense study. The exam pass rate is often below 65%. Many said, “Greg, no way.”

Well, I not only passed, I snagged the #1 score in the state!  How? I developed a new study technique, a way to learn twice as much in half the time. I named it “L4X.”

After the exam I wanted to share L4X with everyone and maybe become one of those super-cool New York Times bestselling authors. So I asked a New York editor if he thought my story and the L4X system would make a good book. He loved it.

But there was a problem. He said major publishers want at least 160 pages. I could tell the story and explain the system in a fraction of that.

I tried to puff it up, but the more I wrote the less clear my explanation. I learned that brevity begets clarity.

This got me thinking. Most books are structured around a few big ideas like L4X. Why not dig them out and explain them in minutes to help people who don’t have hours to read? That inspiration gave rise to RapidFire Books.

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